Appraisal Services

Are you curious what that old painting you inherited from your aunt is worth?

Stop by and let us give you a current market value appraisal of your artwork.

 Verbal Appraisals are $20 and usually last about 15 – 20 minutes and include a step-by-step evaluation of your artwork.
Written Appraisals are $100 per hour with a 1 hour minimum charge.

Verbal Appraisal

  • 15 – 20 minutes
  • An evaluation with all pertinent details. Includes:
  • age
  • condition
  • relevant artist info
  • realistic valuation in the current art market

Written Appraisal

  • Most appraisals are generally needed for insurance purposes and usually are written in 1-2 hours. Includes:
  • detailed description of item
  • photographs of item
  • images and information of relevant comparable artwork to support retail replacement value
  • *1 hour minimum charge.
Artwork is generally required in person to give the most accurate appraisal.
Appointments are necessary for all appraisals.